tbt Yamaha SR500

This is 1984 Yamaha SR500, brought from Germany stripped down & fully rebuild. Spec at the bottom of post!

Spec: Fehling MX Bars, Kellermann Barend blinker, LSL switch (pass, light, horn), LSL grips, RD 300 mirrors, single mini speedo with selfmade custom alu bracket, headlight and LSL headlight brackets, short front & rear alu fenders with custom brackets (matt polished), KEDO seat, Lucas rear light (matt polished), rear subframe shortened and modified, mainframe cut off all unnecessery tabs and painted matt black, longer rear shocks (+15 mm), Mühlbauer stainlees steel complete exhaust with custom bracket, engine completely revised incl. new rocker arms, new piston etc etc etc….
tbt – because this bike is not working foe a long period of time…

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