Husqvarna 401 Svart Pilen

husqvarna motorcycle concept 2 625x625 Husqvarna 401 Svart Pilen

The exciting concept model will offer a clear glimpse of the future direction of the Husqvarna brand within the street market. The prototype will showcase lightweight construction and functionality, premium quality hardware and uncompromised design.

The 401 concepts are anything but antiquated, though. They’re sporting upside-down WP forks, lightweight trellis frames, and 17-inch wheels with modern rubber. Power comes from a state-of-the-art 400cc water-cooled single. Output is 43hp and the bikes weigh a mere 135 kg (297 pounds).

husqvarna motorcycle concept 3 625x416 Husqvarna 401 Svart Pilen
husqvarna motorcycle concept 7 625x416 Husqvarna 401 Svart Pilen
husqvarna motorcycle concept 4 625x416 Husqvarna 401 Svart Pilen
husqvarna motorcycle concept 8 625x625 Husqvarna 401 Svart Pilen

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iSpark wall hanger

DSC04662 640x359 iSpark wall hanger
Every single iSpark wall hanger is unique and custom made out of wood and used car or motorcycles ignition sparks. We want to give this parts a second option, a second life.

Instead at dump yard, the wood and ignition sparks will end like a custom wall hanger at a car/motorcycle enthusiast place. We love this thought, like we love our custom car or motorcycle.
DSC04660 640x359 iSpark wall hanger

DSC04663 640x359 iSpark wall hanger

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Akrapovic Full Moon

635534672291165359 full moon 7 Akrapovic Full Moon
Akrapovič strikes with full moon & again for the project are responsible at famous Slovenian custom shop Dream machine motorcycles. The new radical show bike is a masterpiece of customization: the beast features a striking 30” front wheel, and an outrageous body that is structured as an integral part of the exhaust system.
It took 800 hours to create, but it only takes one glance to become fully captivated by its extreme beauty.

635534670928782427 full moon 4 Akrapovic Full Moon
635534671909891583 full moon 2 Akrapovic Full Moon
635534671310992227 full moon 3 Akrapovic Full Moon
635534672515499111 full moon 1 Akrapovic Full Moon

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