Piaggio ciao Rat moped


This is a Rat moped project in Uroš Štrubelj style. He bought this oldy for a daily ride to his job and back. He likes old rusty rolling things so the rat style was a reasonable choice. All together was an experiment and all the colours he used ware sitting in his garage. At the junk yard he found the head lamp and handlebar, he bought a new tires, custom draw a white line/wall on them, and he added shiny exhaust. He needed a place for keys, wallet and other pocket stuff, so he built out of bare metal sheets a cool boxes and placed them on the rack. For the final touch he made two little tears for the fenders and added big horns. The horns are so funny, Uroš like them a lot.


Once at the local market store older man saw this rat machine and wanted to bought it. Uroš said no, so hi said it’s a really nice old moped and do not, do not paint it, he really believe that it’s an old rusty ride. Uroš was excited. But after all he sold this little rat and bought a scooter. He has a plans for that plastic thing too, a Mad Max style, but like we all he has no over time to start the project. Uroš we are waiting, take the time machine in your hands and build something for your soul and also for us!!

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Tomos A35 race

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1989 Tomos A35 race for sale

Build in 7seven customs, winning moped in endurance race!
Front suspension from Tomos senior cross, 17 front tire with bigger front brake, stronger frame. New Airsal sport 50 cylinder kit, lowerd head for 1,5 mm, new Salettra race electronic, better cooling for electricity, new spark, higher enduro – Tomos ATX – handlebar, new brake clutches on handlebar, new grips, tires Mitas back 2,50 16 in front 2,50 17, new 31 sprocket, new chain, custom seat, longer exhaust pipe.

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