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Scrambler tag means all dirt, tracker, street tracker, chopped motorcycles and scramblers out there and man do we like the way this motorcycles look, the way they can be transformed and the feeling on grawel road going sideways. That’s the reason we like them that mach.

883 scrambler

seen at chop cult
Owner name, location: David Zemla – Burly Brand
Bike name: Scrambler
Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 2006 Sportster 883
Frame: Mostly Harley
Fork: HD with a 2” Burly drop kit inside.
Chassis mods: Cut fender struts off, fab’d rear hoop using Dime City pre-bent unit.
Tire/wheel size and style: 19 front (stock size) and 17” rear to accommodate Continental TKC80 rubber. Rims by Ride Wright.
Favorite thing about this bike: Muddy rooster tails
Next modification will be: Steering damper
Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: RSD low pipe, NOS ATC Six-pack rack. Burly Scrambler bars. Burly 15” Stiletto shocks. Biltwell grips. PM Brakes. Proto Burly Belt tensioner and skid plate. V&H air filter.

project OsA

NEW project on 7seven.si / 1984 Yamaha SR500, brought from Germany stripped down & fully rebuild. Aljoša is doing a great job on his construction project, like he calls it.
click on picture

Spec: Fehling MX Bars, Kellermann Barend blinker, LSL switch (pass, light, horn), LSL grips, RD 300 mirrors, KEDO seat, Lucas rear light (matt polished) etc etc etc… more pics & spec here.