custom 77C helmet

oh yeahhh finally I have a new custom painted helmet. But what really new is, that this feature is now available to you, our followers. We offer you street legal, homologated vintage line AGV RP60 helmets in competitive prices. All lettering and custom signs are made by hand. Do you dare to be different, do you dare to be custom? 77c-helma1


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The Deco Helmet

Randy Grubb designed the Deco Helmet to match the Art Deco style of his unique streamlined Decopod and Decoson motorcycles. In Episode 4 of Randy Grubb’s Garage, he reveals all of his metal fabrication techniques step-by-step, including the five basics of working with metals: cutting, bending, joining, shrinking, and stretching.

For everyone with an interest in automotive art and sculpture, and for both beginning and seasoned fabricators, watch Randy Grubb create his own hard-warped reality, from mind to metal.

The Salvador Dalí of automotive art, Randy Grubb created Jay Leno’s Tank Car, the Indy Special, the B-702, Piss’d Off Pete, the Decoliner, and most recently, the Decopod and Decoson Art Deco motorcycles.

The helmet made in this video is Deco Helmet #2 and belongs to Dave Johnston of American Retro in Dinuba, California. Johnston is the proud owner of Randy Grubb’s first Tripod, built on a Piaggio MP3 chassis.