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1985 BMW R45


This classic R45 is rolling in Dolenjska region of Slovenia. Proud owner is Bojan Pahljina and when we invite him to DGR Ljubljana 2015, he said, uff i have a problem! He has another BMW in his garage, R80 RT from Slovenian police. We’ll show U that one some other time, but we like this classic German motorcycle, without big, heavy fairing more, so the decision shouldn’t be that hard. Bojan is also a member of indie rock Slovenian music band Puppetz, scroll down for Top of the world music video.

Custom R80

BMW_r80_Jero (9 of 11)
Story goes like this: a guy came into our place and asked for a custom BMW. We found one that suits his needs, and rebuild it. Like the pictures shows, he wanted a rat BMW, with knobby Heidenau tires, large seat for comfy ride for both his and gf ass, but before this we need to uninstall big fairing and many other parts were replaced. We replaced rear light, turn signals, new exhausts, handlebar, grips… after this photoshoot we also install a Showa adjustable rear shocks. Best of all is, that Peter enjoying his custom motorcycle every day. Let it stay that way …

custom BMW R80 page

The BMW R65 is Tailored With a Designer’s Touch

Milanese craftsman Franco Augello and his shop Sumisura is now renowned for creating beautifully restored and customized BMW motorcycles, but the story really starts when Augello was just six years old. His grandfather gave Augello a very special Communion gift: a small motorcross bike. Ever since, Augello has been in love with motorcycles.

A designer with a flair for the unusual and unique, Augello tailors vintage motorcycles to their next owner, often completing a full restoration along with tasteful modifications at a client’s request. The bikes in question often start with a similar theme: classic BMW touring designs; Augello says these bikes have a sterling reputation for reliability and longevity. More here…


The man and his garage

Sometimes you just nailed it. I went after a motorcycle ad, just too see a BMW R100R for a friend, that was out of town. And this is what i saw. The man, Joze is an older man, he looks a little clumsy, without teeth, but … there’s always but… but damn, his motorcycle collection is talking a whole different story. A story of passion for motorcycles, for vintage races and a passion for building his own racing machines.
Whan i came into the workshop, the first thing i Saw was this beautiful BSA.
MJ (12 of 13)
Insted of a chain, this guy prepered a belt drive, it’s more quiet he said.
MJ (13 of 13)
Than there was a Puch RL vintage scooter, with broken motor block that he was fixing.
MJ (8 of 13)

MJ (9 of 13)

MJ (10 of 13)

MJ (11 of 13)

After this first impressions we went further in his garage to actually find BMW he was selling. So there we are, on the red carpet stood 10 vintage motorcycles, all in a pretty good condition. Another three BSA motorcycles, two of them fully restored and one in pretty good original suit.
MJ (2 of 13)
Behind this old BSA there were another two motorcycles, custom racing BSA and Italian Benelli 500, no pictures sorry.
MJ (3 of 13)

MJ (4 of 13)

There was also a white racing BMW no. 411, that is just on one picture and R65 with beautiful and rare side car.
MJ (5 of 13)

MJ (6 of 13)

And at the end There were two BMW motorradd. R80 with big fairing in perfect condition, that this guy is using as a daily driver, bdw he is doing 1k kilometers weekly at his age!!! And another custom BMW R100R with Siebenrock 1070ccm kit & dellorto 40 carbs.
MJ (7 of 13)

MJ (1 of 13)

And a video that i recorded and it’s recorded as I’m a fu… rookie, sorry. But the sound is what is important, great bike!

So after a done deal, we went inside to see his trophy collection, and watching old pictures for almost all afternoon. Great guy, great memories, that are now also mine.

Custom 77C BMW R80

This is our latest built custom BMW R80. It was a budget built, but it end’s like a fine cafe, brat, city scrambler BMW.
What we did is:
we get rid of gigantic front plastic/fairing/windHERE. Engine, carbs and drive shaft were torn appart, inspected and lubed. Heidenau K60 Tires were placed, new rear light, turn signals, shortened stock rear loop with custom seat, new handlebar and grips, mirrors… nothing much, but

BMW R75/5 by Tattoo Custom Motorcycles

At Tattoo Custom Motorcycles did an excelent job on this project. The rear subframe has been chopped, raised and a single seat fitted. Mikuni carburettors replace the questionable stock Bing units, a Danmoto GP Extreme exhaust has been fitted and cone filters replace the standard airbox.
The suspension has 15” long Ohlins shocks at the rear and Racetech springs and emulators installed in the front forks. Tires are Continental Twinduro, Brooks bicycle grips on Renthal bars and the use of Motogadgets M-lock wireless start system. And the look, oh god, simply beautiful!

Tattoo Custom Motorcycles

seen at pipeburn

Kevils rat tracker

Base Bike: 2014 BMW RnineT 1200cc

For this project at Kevils speed shop choose Old skool hod rod, rat rod theme. Giving a brand new bike a custom rat rod make over that would certainly get people talking whether they love it or hate it, either way it’s a motoring statement that will stand out in a crowd where ever it goes!

Motogadget Moto Scope Pro Speedo
Diamond Stitched Leather Seat Unit
Custom Pinstriping by Nefarious
Kevils Speed Shop Tail Tidy
Remus Exhaust
Halo LED Headlight
LED Motogadget Bar End Indicators
Kevils Speed Shop Monza Fuel Cap
Kevils Speed Shop Headlamp Pod
Continental TKC Tyres

God Is In The Details

Kevils speed shop
Pictures: Focal Point Studios.