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I’m fuel addicted since forever, married & father to my sweet doughter & son. I like motorcycles, cars, bicycles, sport, music, tattoos…

7seven customs is my passion. It’s something I really love to do, to take time for, to admin the site, to talk about vintage cars, motorcycles, customization… & to drink a beer or two with friends.

About the site: 7seven customs / Slovenian oldschool bike & car culture / stuff from our streets / custom bike projects/ chops & bobs / hot-rods / fixies / babes / tattoos / music / videos & more! have fun & enjoy!

I also customize motorcycles & bicycles. I love working in my garage & on my bikes. I know it sounds crazy, but I just love to be in there, listen to music, feeling good & doing something I really like. That’s all.

7seven customs is a leading Slovenian custom motorcycle site.contact-640x318

o blogu:
7seven customs / motocikli in avtomobili stare šole/ predelani čoperji / našpičeni starošolski nagci / “custom” projekti / hot-rodi / fixiji / oblinaste bejbe / tatuji / top muzika in videi! nekatere slike in videi so avtorske vsebine, drugi ne / če na 7seven najdete avtorsko zaščitene/oporečne fotografije, nam prosim sporočite in jih bomo odstranili / imejte se radi in uživajte!

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    • Hi Pádraig, this is regular ocean blue with black stripe, but finish is in full matt clear painting. Hope it helps!


  1. Hi, I was browsing the internet looking for motorcycle vest then found your custom vest and i really i like the design.
    The problem is that i couldn’t order because i didn’t know that size to go with and didn’t find in source for the sizing charts, is it near to eat dust vest sizing? I appreciate if you could help me with the sizing charts?

    Thanks, Azrae

    • Hi Azrae,

      as this custom denim west or sleeveless biker jacket is made by a man, that works a lot by internet orders, we only need three specifications, your regular jacket size, how tall you are and your weight. Than we can do the west 4U.

      Thanks, 77C

      • Thank you for your reply, I usually go between size Small and Medium, I’m 5’5”, and 140 lbs. hope this will help to decide which size i have to go with?!

        Thanks, Azrae

  2. hello!! i would like to order the black denim sleevless jacket from you,, but you say no cash on delivery outside your country? i placed the order with cash on delivery,,, if its possible,, i will pay the extra postal costs!! is it possible? you should be able to find my order with my name and email address?
    thanks in advance,, tim cichon
    tims ink,
    pori finland (facebook) “tims ink, Pori, finland”

    • Sorry but payment with cash on delivery is possible only in Slovenia! Other than that is paypal, easy and safe way to pay for goods. cheers
      77c crew

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