Kodiak Deathbeds – Cross That Line

Do you need a permission to have fun? No? They didn’t need one, they just have fun, fun all the way. I like the kind of event, that have a look like it’s spontaneous, no big plans, just people that like dirt and dirt motorcycles… in spring 77c will have one like this, will you come?

Kodiak Deathbeds – Cross That Line from jon west.

The Original Sting Ray

When did you first realize that you loved cars? Maybe it was the time you caught a glimpse of a Ferrari as you were sitting in the back of your parents minivan. Or maybe it happened after watching your older brother do a burnout in his rusted out Camaro. For owner Brian Hobaugh, his love of cars started thanks to his Dad and a certain 1965 Chevrolet Corvette that’s been in their family for over 30 years.

The Rotten Race

The Rotten Race official video from The Real Intellectuals.

For something rotten to be successful, all it takes is a bunch of dirt-riding maniacs and a crowd thirsty for action. The first Rotten Race took place on 4.10.15 in Athens, Greece, organized by the city’s very own The Real Intellectuals, the creative collective behind handmade motorcycle supplies in the center of Athens.

Three distinct classes were available to all Rotten Racers: the custom class, full of scramblers, trackers, café racers and vintage machines, the factory off-road class and the “Tiny Rottens”, a unique class dedicated to miniature two-wheeled machines and Italian Vespas. The yellow/black flag dropped a hundred times, and knockout races made a day filled with mud, dirt, rocks and hay fly by. Once the dirt settled down, another class had a chance to race: that of single-horsepower.

seen at Cafe racer cult