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DGR Ljubljana 2017

The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2017, Ljubljana Slovenia

Vrhunsko! Hvala za lep dan, za super druženje z razlogom, za vašo dobrodelnost! Menren Pictures aka Klemen Korenjak je poslal prve uradne fotografije, samo za pokušino, da se boste vsi, ki ste zaradi “slabega” vremena ostali doma malce zamislili, VSE SLIKE.

The Distinguished Gentlemans Ride 2017, Ljubljana Slovenia

Hvala vsem podpornikom dogodka: podjetju Tinex, medijskemu sponzorju Rock Radio, Društvu onkoloških bolnikov Slovenije, podjetju Dr.Glass, Jodlu iz CafeRacer Kavarnice Na Glavnem Trgu in Triumph motocikli Marko Jerman s.p..

Slike/pictures: MenRen pictures




Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2016.
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2016.
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2016.
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2016.
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2016.
Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Ljubljana 2016.

September 25th, Ljubljana, Slovenija – 4th DGR event is behind us. More than 100 custom or classic motorcycles, great people and a sunny warm day…. Please take a look to all our photos, more than 100 pictures belong to a graet friend and a photographer with special feeling, special touch Klemen Korenjak. If you want bigger picture go HERE

Lokalni sponzorji dogodka:
Frogg moto sedeži

Zahvaljujemo se še:
Triumph motocikli
Kavarni Plato
DJ Samo Satler
Ljubljanski Grad
Ljubljanski brivec

Ape coffee car


I like coffee. I like vintage scene, custom motorcycles, hot rod cars, classics, pinups, rock n roll. And i like good ideas. Like this lil Piaggio ape 50 coffee car is. Kiti is the girl, who makes a tasty coffee to go for you every day on the same spot at Beričevo (take a look at Coffeecar SITE for the map). Abaut the ape she said that they restore and transform it at home and then fight with birocrates for a year to actually be able to do what she always wanted. I was impressed, so it was worth it.

The Ferrari 250 GTO

Using hyperbole to describe the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO is unnecessary. The car speaks for itself. It is one of the last (of thirty-six) Ferrari GTOs ever built. This particular one, chassis #5571, was the first of the Series II bodies. The 3.0L V-12 produces about 300 horsepower and it completed multiple endurance races, winning its class in the Daytona Continental 2000km (this car’s first race), Sebring 12 hour, and Nassau TT.

The driver is Mr. Derek Hill, who won the Ferrari Challenge International Championship in 1995 and the Formula Dodge West Coast in 1996, and raced a Bugatti EB110 at Le Mans. Additionally, he has a special attachment to this car as it was his dad, Fomula One Champ Phil Hill, that raced it in Daytona and Nassau. But what is the car really like? Well, “It’s so hard to describe just how incredible it is to drive this car at speed. I mean, it’s really a certain kind of ecstasy.” We wish we could give you a first-hand account but, just like you, we’re relegated to dreaming. If you’re still reading, thank you. But we know why you’re here, go on now, watch the video.

Petrolicious, Petrolicious/FB

1985 BMW R45


This classic R45 is rolling in Dolenjska region of Slovenia. Proud owner is Bojan Pahljina and when we invite him to DGR Ljubljana 2015, he said, uff i have a problem! He has another BMW in his garage, R80 RT from Slovenian police. We’ll show U that one some other time, but we like this classic German motorcycle, without big, heavy fairing more, so the decision shouldn’t be that hard. Bojan is also a member of indie rock Slovenian music band Puppetz, scroll down for Top of the world music video.

TBT – DGR Ljubljana 2014


Another year, another DGR ride hosted by 7seven customs, but before invitation to DGR Ljubljana 2015, check out this pics from DGR Ljubljana 2014!


















All pictures Klemen Korenjak

This year DGR all over the world will be organized 27th september, also in Ljubljana. Official FB page… and DGR page for registration to ride on your café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvellous custom motorcycles to raise awareness and help fund the cure for prostate cancer.