5 Reasons to Ship Your Café Racer to The Rally

With all of the café racer rallies held throughout the summer and fall, getting to one can be a little time consuming and for safety reasons you may find that you don’t have time to ride the distance to get to all of the shows you want to check out. Hiring a professional motorcycle shipper can be one of the best decisions that you make when it comes to keeping your bike safe whether it is going to travel across the country or even taking a voyage overseas. Here are the top five reasons that you should use a transporter to get your bike to the next rally or show instead of riding it yourself.
1. It is the easiest way to get your bike to the rally nice and clean without having to stop and take time to wash it once you arrive.
2. Riding a long distance risks the bike having a mechanical problem along the way. Nothing can delay a trip more than being stuck in the middle of nowhere and not being near a shop or parts store to get the parts you may need to repair the bike if this happens. Having it shipped will avoid any chance of it breaking down along the way and will be the best way to make sure it arrives on time.
3. Whether you realize it or not, riding the bike can actually cost more than hiring a professional motorcycle shipping company. When you factor in the cost of fuel as well as food and even lodging if the weather should happen to turn sour along the way, you may find that the cost a shipper will charge will save you money and you will have more money to spend once you arrive at the rally.
4. Your bike will be fully covered by insurance while it is being shipped. If anything happens during the trip, the company you hire will be responsible for all repairs or even replacement if an accident happens along the way. The company will also utilize all of the necessary equipment and safe handling practices to make sure the bike remains safe and secure from start to finish.
5. Once the rally is over you will be able to head back home in your car or by plane, train or other mode of transport where you can be far more comfortable than if you were riding the bike. You will also be able to spend more time with friends or family as they may be able to travel with you in comfort.

While it may be difficult to be away from your bike or to entrust it into someone else’s care for the journey, shipping your motorcycle has never been safer or quicker than it is today. Shipping also gives you plenty of time to sit back and relax or spend time with those you are close to when you need to make a long distance trip to a rally or any other place you may need to travel.

Article by Jason Mueller

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