Spiderman’s custom CX 500


This is custom Honda CX 500 made by Miha Pajek (pajek in eng is spider). So our mr. Spiderman some time back decided to go with a garage customization, and we love it. So far he installed Cafe Racer handlebar, tarozzi grips, new speedo and tacho, front, turn and rear lights, cigar mufflers, he wrapped the pipes, added 3.50 19 tires, remove front and add custom rear ender… and made with the assistance of his (almost) wife Katja cafe racer style seat. We, 77c did the electricity. And voila, one more cool, loud custom on Slovenian streets. But mr. Spiderman saiz that this is his project bike and it’s not done jet so all we can say to mr.Hero is, loud pipes save lives, safe ride and many new ideas in the future!

The Ferrari 250 GTO

Using hyperbole to describe the 1964 Ferrari 250 GTO is unnecessary. The car speaks for itself. It is one of the last (of thirty-six) Ferrari GTOs ever built. This particular one, chassis #5571, was the first of the Series II bodies. The 3.0L V-12 produces about 300 horsepower and it completed multiple endurance races, winning its class in the Daytona Continental 2000km (this car’s first race), Sebring 12 hour, and Nassau TT.

The driver is Mr. Derek Hill, who won the Ferrari Challenge International Championship in 1995 and the Formula Dodge West Coast in 1996, and raced a Bugatti EB110 at Le Mans. Additionally, he has a special attachment to this car as it was his dad, Fomula One Champ Phil Hill, that raced it in Daytona and Nassau. But what is the car really like? Well, “It’s so hard to describe just how incredible it is to drive this car at speed. I mean, it’s really a certain kind of ecstasy.” We wish we could give you a first-hand account but, just like you, we’re relegated to dreaming. If you’re still reading, thank you. But we know why you’re here, go on now, watch the video.

Petrolicious, Petrolicious/FB

Best place in town

This is what I call The place, mens cave, a place 2have, best place in town… and this actually is HQ of Slovenian custom motorcycle builder Marko Gselman, that runs the MG customs workshop. At 77c we presented some really cool custom motorcycles that they built Pureblood, Goldies and H-D Gentleman. So Marko, we already met and you seems like a good person, you are building nice custom motorcycles, you have a great place, we have a good cooperation, all we need to do is to drink a few beers together :)!






Easy life belt by Gipsy★Clown


★★★The Easy Life Belt is made of very durable military cotton webbing, minimal shaped metal buckle, stylish leather label and finally for this belt specially developed durable elastic which is main part of this product. This part in front of the belt is flexible at exactly determined area which means that it is gently stretched at each body move (e.g. at seating, folding, sheltering, …). That’s why the belt is breathing together with you and your body in all your activities!

Back up the project on KICKSTARTER!!!

Back up the project on KICKSTARTER!!!

Pictures by photographer Darko Pavlovic