The man and his garage

Sometimes you just nailed it. I went after a motorcycle ad, just too see a BMW R100R for a friend, that was out of town. And this is what i saw. The man, Joze is an older man, he looks a little clumsy, without teeth, but … there’s always but… but damn, his motorcycle collection is talking a whole different story. A story of passion for motorcycles, for vintage races and a passion for building his own racing machines.
Whan i came into the workshop, the first thing i Saw was this beautiful BSA.
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Insted of a chain, this guy prepered a belt drive, it’s more quiet he said.
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Than there was a Puch RL vintage scooter, with broken motor block that he was fixing.
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After this first impressions we went further in his garage to actually find BMW he was selling. So there we are, on the red carpet stood 10 vintage motorcycles, all in a pretty good condition. Another three BSA motorcycles, two of them fully restored and one in pretty good original suit.
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Behind this old BSA there were another two motorcycles, custom racing BSA and Italian Benelli 500, no pictures sorry.
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There was also a white racing BMW no. 411, that is just on one picture and R65 with beautiful and rare side car.
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And at the end There were two BMW motorradd. R80 with big fairing in perfect condition, that this guy is using as a daily driver, bdw he is doing 1k kilometers weekly at his age!!! And another custom BMW R100R with Siebenrock 1070ccm kit & dellorto 40 carbs.
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And a video that i recorded and it’s recorded as I’m a fu… rookie, sorry. But the sound is what is important, great bike!

So after a done deal, we went inside to see his trophy collection, and watching old pictures for almost all afternoon. Great guy, great memories, that are now also mine.