Patina can be a hard look to pull off if you don’t start with a vehicle that has it naturally. Patina, by official definition is “a green or brown film on the surface of metals, produced by oxidation over a long period.” Gaining ground as an accepted paint finish, patina on hot rods is often imitated. Many have taken the time to paint or airbrush the look of patina because they just don’t have the decades it takes to “grow” a legit patina on their car.

Whether it is real or not, some cars just have the IT factor when they have a patina finish. The video above shows an impressive example of how the patina finish can work oh so well with a modified vehicle. Built by Knuckle Head Garage, this 1948 Chevy pickup was built with an incredible amount of detail. Lightly cleaned emblems and trim pop off the light green paint and rough rust. The very 40s-ish vibe just oozes off the truck. The interior is on the level with a license plate floor board as well as a stained and torn seat cover.

seen at Rod authority