Ljubljana’s Bike Scene – 1/5 Playfulness & Belonging

Ljubljana’s Bike Scene – 1/5 Playfulness & Belonging (Individuality, motivation, connection) from What's the deal?.

Perhaps ever since the BMX craze in the 80s, bikes have not been discussed by the youth and young adults as much as in the past few years. Designer bikes started to be in vogue by the chic, and converting your own bike to a stripped down fixed gear became a must for the hip. Restoring an old bike grew more and more popular and, apparently, so did the global popularity of Tour de France.
All around the World, bikes developed into a form of self-expression and identity. And a very urban identity, that is. Bicycles became more than just a mode of transport. What kind of a bike you ride started to epitomize who you are and which urban tribe you belong to.
In this sense Ljubljana is not an exception. The town has a vibrant scene of urban bikers which got documented by Tilen Sepič. His exploration will result in a series of five short videos, each of them coming out at the beginning of a new week. One by one they will probe into a different aspect of Ljubljana’s small, heavily interconnected, but also very diverse and growing biking community.