DGR Ljubljana 2014 – photogallery

September 28th, Ljubljana Slovenija – Another successful DGR event is behind us. Over 50 motorcycles, great people, great atmosphere, great place and a great sunny day. Everything came into place for this charity ride and after 20 hours or so I’m still feeling excited. Overall we had a really great day, but if you don’t believe please see all the photos off our official photographer Klemen Korenjak.

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DGR Ljubljana 2014

See you this sunday (september 28th) in DGR Ljubljana 2014!

For this photo session we hooked up with a photographer Uroš Podlogar. He said, let’s do the session on the top of Situla skyscraper, the newest skyscraper in Ljubljana. Why not? This pictures is what came out of this story. Do you like them? dgr_ps-2




foto @ Uros Podlogar
more pictures of 77C rough caferacer project