Honda CB 550 cafe racer

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Honda CB 550 Cafe Racer is not just another nice bike from our streets, mostly it’s an ass kicker. Upgraded Performance and lowered weight really does the job. Matej Trop said that he enjoyed the whole process it became a very nice hobby. He enjoyed all the process, from fine-tuning in his head, to collecting all the parts, and working on bike.
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His words are: Still don’t know which force drove me that day to a used motorcycles web page, where I fell for my Honda CB 550. I was lying to myself: »I will just replace the handlebars, take some unnecessary parts off and it will be a cool cafe racer… it won’t cost too much«. But there is no half -assed job in my life. Because the bike was in such a good shape, I felt bad when I made that first cut in the frame. It felt like I was damaging a part of history. But hey, it wasn’t my fault that I got such a good preserved bike for a decent price… I just wanted to have a cafe racer. Today I don’t regret that cut anymore: the bike doesn’t just look good, but also handles and sounds incredible…
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… If I would take it to the ‘70s, the only visible thing that would give me away that I am from the future (owning a time machine) would be Kawasaki Z 750 brake callipers. Digging further, they would find electronic ignition and super light Shorai lithium battery. Brackets, rims, rear sets, front fender and other small parts made of aluminum are also lowering weight. Forks are from Bol d’ or. Oil cooler was added to cool down the engine that inhales through bigger main jets / high flow air filters and exhales through Marving race exhaust. A mixture of vintage and new Honda logo was custom painted on this rare German racing tank. Avon tires, racing chrome swing arm, Marzocchi rear shocks and custom leather seat are all linking my ass to the asphalt.
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Now he bought another CB 550. You want one? If the customer has enough money it’s not a problem Matej said.
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Images: Andraz Gregoric