Modern “Rat Rod” Combines Lamborghini Engineering And Hot Rod Design

What happens when you combine the technology and stealth of a modern Lamborghini and the classic stylings of a 1930s Ford? Well, according to sketch artist Pawel Wisniewski and his friend, 3D modeler Jans Sapins, you might get something like the modern rod you see here.

Wisniewski and Slapins went beyond just a drawing for their concept vehicle, though. They actually dove a lot deeper into the concept, figuratively equipping the hot rod with an actuated pushrod suspension system, hydraulic drive system, and a twin-turbocharged Chevy Small Block V8, which was designed to fit low and as far back in the engine bay as possible to give the car a true 50/50 weight distribution, even with four adult passengers.

The concept is also said to have a sequential 6-speed transmission, tons of carbon fiber, and futuristic wheels with built-in brake rotors. What do you think, a way to go?

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