The Deco Helmet

Randy Grubb designed the Deco Helmet to match the Art Deco style of his unique streamlined Decopod and Decoson motorcycles. In Episode 4 of Randy Grubb’s Garage, he reveals all of his metal fabrication techniques step-by-step, including the five basics of working with metals: cutting, bending, joining, shrinking, and stretching.

For everyone with an interest in automotive art and sculpture, and for both beginning and seasoned fabricators, watch Randy Grubb create his own hard-warped reality, from mind to metal.

The Salvador DalĂ­ of automotive art, Randy Grubb created Jay Leno’s Tank Car, the Indy Special, the B-702, Piss’d Off Pete, the Decoliner, and most recently, the Decopod and Decoson Art Deco motorcycles.

The helmet made in this video is Deco Helmet #2 and belongs to Dave Johnston of American Retro in Dinuba, California. Johnston is the proud owner of Randy Grubb’s first Tripod, built on a Piaggio MP3 chassis.