fabian oefner explodes views of classic sports cars

a scale model of a ferrari 250 gto breaking out of its shellfabian-oefner-explodes-views-of-classic-sports-cars-designboom-03

1967 ferrari 330 p4fabian-oefner-explodes-views-of-classic-sports-cars-designboom-13

fabian oefner
MB&F M.A.D. gallery, geneva
now through may 2014

best known for capturing moments in time typically invisible to the human eye, swiss artist fabian oefner is presenting two new series of his trademark work at MB&F M.A.D. gallery. both projects, ‘disintegrating’ and ‘hatch’ are carefully and meticulously handcrafted images of classic sports cars, exploded, dissembled and dismantled in space.

with the aid of fine needles and pieces of string, the ‘disintegrating’ series comes to life through thousands of individual photographs. the intricate scale models of a mercedes-benz 300 slr uhlenhaut coupé with gullwing doors, a sleek, black jaguar e-type, and a sensual ferrari 330 p4 that oefner creates, replicate every inner detail hidden within the hood. carefully strung and placed floating in space, singular photos are taken of each part, then blended together in post-production to create one unified image. ‘what looks like a car falling apart is in fact a moment in time that has been created artificially by blending hundreds of individual images together. there is a unique pleasure about artificially building a moment…freezing a moment in time is stupefying’, oefner explains.

the ferrari crashes through the latex moldfabian-oefner-explodes-views-of-classic-sports-cars-designboom-04

a 1954 mercedes-benz 300 slr uhlenhaut coupé with gullwing doorsfabian-oefner-explodes-views-of-classic-sports-cars-designboom-15

for ‘hatch’, oefner presents his translation of the birth of a car, reproducing the oviparity found in nature as a super-sleek automobile birthing from a shell. starting by making latex molds from the model car, oefner then filled them with a thin layer of gypsum to create the outer coating. the next step involved destruction — smashing the shell onto the car to create the illusion of the vehicle emerging out from it. the ferrari 250 gto becomes almost as a living, breathing organism through the energetic, dynamic photography series.

Fabian Oefner- Hatch and Disintegrating- Making of from MB&F on Vimeo.

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motorcycle booty

Since this guy strapped a GoPro camera to the back of his motorcycle and started posting YouTube videos of his girlfriends’ jiggling butts along for the ride, RR Marquez has acquired over 2 million views and a devoted following.

As one YouTube commenter wrote: “Serbia gave Nikola Tesla, than this channel!”

I found this interview with Marquez about how he came up with the idea, why he think his videos are so popular… HERE!

What’s your job? Working in casino as croupier.
Where do you live? I’m from Belgrade, Serbia.

What kind of bike do you ride? I ride ’06 HONDA FIREBLADE aka silver arrow 🙂

How did you come up with the idea of attaching the GoPro to your bike to shoot their butts? My friend had GoPro on his helmet and I was in front of him riding with my gf. It was one min video but when I saw that ass bouncing on that bumpy road, I said to myself, ‘this camera is going on back of my bike, no question about it’!

Were you surprised when your first video got over 500,000 views? The first video I ever made is the most popular one, it’s ‘Tammy riding on motorcycle’! It was the most popular one until recently, when ‘First ride with Tabitha’ video gain 300k views in 2-3 days!

Why do you think the videos are popular? It’s funny thing, I was looking Tabitha video day before it went viral and it had about 1.6k views! morning after that I was looking at the number again and it was 150k or so. And I’m like ‘what the hell happened to this video over night?’

I was pretty surprised when I find out that so many people like my video, didn’t expected that honestly!

I think it’s because girls booty is never filmed like that before. I mean it’s just booty close up, and it’s bouncing and it’s in public! what’s not to like 🙂
How many girlfriends do you have? I can’t talk numbers, lets just say I have a few 😀

Why do you like booties so much? Don’t know, some guys like girls lips, others like girls boobs.. but I always had a special feelings for a female booty! I can just stare at it for hours and I’ll still have smile on my face! 😀

Are you going to do a nude ride at some point? We did actually, I mean she wasn’t entirely naked! She was wearing micro skirt, w/o panties! LOL. I was guy to tailgate that night! Some guy actually crash his car trying to catch up on us! At that point we decided to change her clothes or to get some at least 😀

This interview i found at Susannah Breslins blog.


What Wiki says about mopeds: A moped (/ˈmoʊpɛd/ MOH-ped) is a type of light motorcycle designed to provide economical and relatively safe transport with minimal licensing requirements.

Mopeds were once all equipped with bicycle-like pedals (the source of the term, motor + pedal), but moped has been increasingly applied by governments to vehicles without pedals, based on their restricted engine displacement, speed, and/or power output. Mopeds occasionally resemble powered bicycles, but most are now step-through designs (of both kinds, having either large or small wheels) and step-over designs similar to a regular motorcycle.

Although mopeds usually have two wheels, in some jurisdictions low-powered three- or four-wheeled vehicles are also classified as mopeds.

In most countries, the legal driving age for a moped is lower than for regular motorcycles and cars. Mopeds are typically restricted to 45 km/h (28 mph) or 50 km/h (31 mph) from a maximum displacement of 49 cc (3.0 cu in), though there are a few variations.

In some countries, scooter motorcycles are sometimes called mopeds.