FOS – Fiat 124 coupe

from our streets – Fiat 124 coupe with 1,6 L engine and Abarth wheels, leather interior, with red sports steering wheel…







Fiat 124 Coupé is an Italian car produced between 1967 and 1975 in three generations.
The four cylinder, aluminum, twin overhead cam engine was designed by ex-Ferrari engineer Aurelio Lampredi. Originally, the AC or first generation featured an 1,438 cc engine, which grew to 1,608 in the second or BC generation.

Other mechanicals include a 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes at each wheel, power brakes, double wishbone front suspension, 2 Dual Weber or Solex carburetors, electric fuel pump (on the CC series), and suspension by coil springs.

Photographies: Ciril Komotar

Dare to Be Different

Dare to Be Different in a Datsun 240Z – you see, I love videos like this. Almost before it ends I was already surfing the internet for a Datsun.. Man, this guy is lucky.

Owner Dave Scholz, shares his connection with a Japanese cult classic that could easily be regarded as the 911 of Japan. Its iconic beauty, modular mechanics, and desirability inspired Dave to heed to Datsun’s famous racing campaign of the ’70s, “Dare to be different.”

American heads spun when the 1970s ultimately snuffed out their beloved horsepower-drunk muscle cars. As the world watched them squirm for performance, Japan was busy developing the 240Z to bring a new thrill to American roads using balance, harmony, and technology.

“Datsun didn’t invent the overhead cam engine, or disc brakes, or independent suspension but it has a habit of incorporating these sophisticated systems into brilliantly conceived and easily affordable cars.” (Car and Driver; June, 1970) (Petrolicious – YouTube)