883 scrambler

seen at chop cult
Owner name, location: David Zemla – Burly Brand
Bike name: Scrambler
Engine, year and make, model, modifications: 2006 Sportster 883
Frame: Mostly Harley
Fork: HD with a 2” Burly drop kit inside.
Chassis mods: Cut fender struts off, fab’d rear hoop using Dime City pre-bent unit.
Tire/wheel size and style: 19 front (stock size) and 17” rear to accommodate Continental TKC80 rubber. Rims by Ride Wright.
Favorite thing about this bike: Muddy rooster tails
Next modification will be: Steering damper
Other mods, accessories, cool parts, etc: RSD low pipe, NOS ATC Six-pack rack. Burly Scrambler bars. Burly 15” Stiletto shocks. Biltwell grips. PM Brakes. Proto Burly Belt tensioner and skid plate. V&H air filter.