BMW R 100 RT custom

… by wrenchmonkees

fairing was removed and the big R100RT was taken apart. The rear subframe was removed, and a new one welded on. The stock alloy wheels were replaced with wire wheels, 18” both front and back.
 The front fork was also rebuilt, and extra long Bitubo shocks were installed to give 
extra clearance for dirt roads and sand dunes. The engine and carburetors were overhauled, and a K&N air filter and larger oil cooler were fitted.
The R100RT was then treated to a complete rewire and fitted with a heavy duty Odyssey battery, plus new lights front and back. The standard R100 tank was replaced with one from an older BMW /6 model, “to give the bike 
a slimmer, more old school look.”
New Tarozzi rearsets were mounted, further back in the frame than stock. a few custom made linkages for the brake and gear shift were required. All perishable parts were replaced, including hoses, bearings and seals.
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nostalgia of socialist times – FICO

Assembly fičkov in a neighboring town, nostalgia of socialist times.

The Zastava 750 was a car made by the Yugoslavian car maker Zavod Crvena Zastava. It was a version of the Fiat 600 made under licence from 1965, it was longer in length than the Fiat version. The Zastava 750 has a 767 cc engine and is the smallest car ever made by Zastava. Later on during production, in 1980 the Zastava 850 was introduced, it featured the same body as the Zastava 750 but the engine had a larger capacity. The Zastava 850 is harder to find than the 750 model but both are still widely available in former Yugoslavia.

Zastava 750 is widely known by its nickname “Fičko”. The nickname comes from the main character of a comic published by the newspaper Borba during the first years of the car’s production.
The car’s popularity has started increasing in the last years, partly from the low fuel consumption and very cheap price as a second hand vehicle. Also it starting to become a symbol for nostalgia, and many youngsters that need cheap utilitarian vehicle with a bohemian status symbol are buying this car as a second hand vehicle. Because of that prices have risen in the last couple of years and many fan clubs have emerged.

pictures: 77C